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78 km








78 km/2200 m+


Number of life stations: 6
Time limit: 16 hours
Max number of  participants: 150



It's time for a more detailed presentation of the route of the 78.3-kilometer long race of this year's Jahora Ultra trail spectacle - the MAXI race, which is intended for more experienced trail runners, as well as those who are trying to enter the ULTRA space for the first time.


The first segment of this 78.3-kilometer long race is part of the route from the town of Rogatica to the mountain of Romanija. Starting from the Park Hotel in Rogatica, you will follow a country path whose uphill path leads you through a series of woods and meadows, and a relatively gentle terrain, to the large valley of Batovo. Crossing the entire valley, you reach the place of Planje, and then you enter a dense forest and a maximally cleared terrain. A series of sinkholes and meadows will follow, then forests again, until the exit near the village of Nepravdići. From this place you can see the goal for the first time – Jahorina. Excellent "booster", but the goal is still far away! From this point, the path diverges sharply to the right, after which you reach the forest again, this time, Romanian, it seems, endless. Further along the route, narrow paths alternate, until you reach the hiking trail that leads to the top of the Romanian rocks. The 500-meter ascent to the top of the Romanian rocks is not as delicate as the terrain itself, and the greatest possible caution is required on this part of the route. The climb to the rocks is impressive, but the path itself, which goes along the edge of the rocks, is even more so, and you need to focus as much as possible when crossing this part of the route.


The second segment includes the route that connects the mountains Romanija and Jahorina. The part of the route in Romania that leads over the rocks to the Rakit Gorge requires all fours to be used, after overcoming which the descent to Stajna and Sjetlina starts - the famous roads of the even more famous hajduk Starina Novak, while on the way you will come across a natural spring. With a steep descent towards Stajna, you will reach the mountain lodge above which, following the signs, make a sharp turn to the right, and then, following the forest road with gentle ups and downs, you will reach Hotočina. In this section, the route continues down Hotočina, to the left, all the way to the life station "Srndać". From the life station "Srndać", the route descends slightly to the saddle that separates Hotočino from Stajna, and continues along the ridge, slightly uphill, to the forest road that descends to Sjetlina at the foot of the Jahorina mountain.

The ascent to Jahorina starts from Sjetlina, which is divided into two stages. The first phase includes a part of the route to Sarače polje, over which a gentle ascent continues to the outlet, where there is a fountain, and the water flowing from it is for drinking. From the Outfall to the left, the route follows the route of the old water supply from Vrela Prača at the foot of the rock complex called Hladila. This will be followed by a forest road that crosses two of the three paths of the Prača valley. At the exit to the third trail, you will turn sharply to the right, and thus begin a long segment of sharp ascent to Jahorina, all the way to Šator ridge, from where, with the last atoms of your strength, you will make your way to the top of the Ogorjelica trail, and then to the Olympic Bar, after which your descent will begin. The descent that will extend along the entire length of the Poljice trail will take you to the Hotel Rajska dolina, where the finish line of this magical race is located.

Experiencing nature at its best is the essence of this race!




  • Sarajevo - Bracom sale point  Zetra - 20th of July from 5PM to 9PM

  • Jahorina, Rajska dolina - 21st of July, from 5PM to 9PM



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