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8 hours

28th JULY, 2024

Jahorina, 8:00 am




MIDI is becoming our signature race. It is a real treat for trail runners and enthusiasts who want a challenging race, full of diverse landscapes. The MIDI race has a different ambience than the MINI race, but it is also a circular race, which starts and ends on the plateau of the Rajska dolina hotel in Jahorina. While the MINI race route offers an incredible view of the open mountain expanse, the MIDI race route extends through conifer and beech forests all the way to Gola Jahorina and its open meadow expanses, thus encompassing the most diverse environments of Jahorina. This 31-kilometer long race, with a cumulative ascent of 1,200 meters, is a somewhat more demanding race and, as such, is intended for those who have the desire to put their psycho-physical potential to the test, while remaining in the zone of enjoying nature and its benefits. without excessive effort and exhaustion.

Embarking on an unforgettable adventure with the remaining MIDI runners from the start on the plateau of the Rajska dolina hotel, across the Poljice path, you will turn sharply to the left, crossing the asphalt road and, with a short climb, the ridge, continuing over the Gnjili ponds towards Kalajdzijin kamen. From this attractive vantage point, the path descends, first gently, and then steeply, to Ispust, where it turns sharply to the right. Following the route of the road and water supply under the Hladila rock complex, you continue towards Vrelo Praca, crossing three ski trails of the Praca valley. Passing right next to Vrelo Praca, you continue along the route of the old Austro-Hungarian waterworks to Stanski Vrelo, from where you will turn left and take a long ascent through the wide grassy valley of Staro Plandiste, to a point of 1843 meters above sea level, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Ravna Planina, Romanija, Gola Jahorina and the forest-covered steep northwestern slopes of Jahorina towards Borovac, Vrhpraca and Ostra Glava. Following the very edge of the ridge, you continue to the first refreshment station, Staro Plandiste.


From this place, the path continues under Klekovi Brdo, Kraljicino guvno to Klanac hill, from where it turns uphill and half-left towards Sjeniste, at 1910 meters above sea level. From Sjeniste, the path stretches downhill following the dirt road down the slopes of Priratka, towards the source of Hladenac, from where it turns to the right with a gentle but long ascent next to the top of Komin, which remains on your right, from where through the deep valley of Klanac, below Kosuta, you will reach a wide saddle between of Kosuta peak and Klanac hill. At this point, the route of the track touches. This section of the trail passes through a spectacular relievo, which in this area is unique and extremely attractive in itself, and as such reminds of Alpine landscapes, not the usual Jahorina motives. This will be an unusual surprise for all participants of the MIDI race.

The path then continues for a short time along the old military, macadam road, and then down a wide grassy valley it turns left towards the Pavlovac spring, where the second refreshment station of this race is located. You continue your journey on a dirt road through the grassy valleys and hills of Gola Jahorina, alternating ascents and descents to the southeastern Bic ridge, from which you can see the valley of the Zeljeznica and Bistrica rivers, as well as the mountains Igman, Bjelasnica, Treskavica, Zelengora, Volunjak, Maglic, and other imposing mountain massifs.

Descending into a wide valley below the Bic ridge, the path turns sharply to the right, following a dirt road, and with a gentle ascent enters a closed circular valley below the very top of Ogorjelica. From this point, the path turns steeply up the slopes of Ogorjelica, towards Olimp Bar and the lake, and continues to follow the macadam road around the lake, joining the ski slope no. 1. Following this path, you will descend to the Sator settlement, and then turn left to ski slope no. 7, which will take you all the way down to the start of the Poljice slope. By turning left to the plateau of the Rajska dolina hotel, you will successfully complete your MIDI race.

Are you ready for the MIDI challenge?



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